Monday, August 20, 2012

Late August, cool fall weather

Here are my latest paintings.  These were all started plein air (outside) this summer and finished in the studio. Will have a few more in a week or so. Two of them are at Firefly on display in the show featured in August and September: "Birds and the Bees and the Flowers and the Trees". There will be a reception on August 24 from 4 to 6 P.M. I also have my painting of Neil skiing in the Cable Museum show in the art display room of the museum.

The art crawl last weekend and teaching my pastel class at the beginning of the month were both a lot of fun.

I'll be heading back to the chalkboard soon to teach kids about writing equations and using variables. I have to adjust my brain around mathematics, because it is something that doesn't mesh well with summer weather. Fortunately we have had some cool temps up here at the 46.4 degree latitude to help me get ready.

I am still recovering from some cancer treatments this summer. The cyberknife targeted radiation has caused some of the weirdest baldness so far of all my treatments so I have been wearing a hat. I am also taking some xeloda (capecitieine) and tykerb (lapatinib ) which are  oral chemos. They don't seem to have much of a side effect. They are in pill form rather than an IV infusion like many chemos. Before I had to deal with cancer and chemos, I didn't really understand how the chemo entered the body. Most are  in an IV infusion so you sit in a nice comfy chair in the infusion center and the drug enters your body slowly and peacefully. The nurses are all super nice and it is a peaceful experience until a few days later when you are sick as a dog at home. These new oral chemos I am taking are supposed to enter my brain somehow and put a halt on the cancer growth. Most chemo doesn't break through the blood brain barrier. They don't make me sick like a regular chemo and hopefully they'll work!

 Okay back to art! The first and third paintings are done at  Big Brook greenhouse garden and the middle one is my front garden. ! Five more coming from the Washburn class and Cable sites soon.

       'Solitude', 11" x 12" ,  pastel , © 2012 Mary McHugh

     'Roses and Peonies Too', 12" x 11", pastel , © 2012 Mary McHugh

     "A Touch of red", 7" x 7", pastel , © 2012 Mary McHugh

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Perfect July Day. How do we get so lucky?

Hi everybody.
 I just finished up this painting of Neil skiing, called "Morning Ski". It is for the Charac "Face of the Sun" juried art exhibit. I hope it is accepted. Back in April, my Main Street Gallery banner painting was not accepted so I guess I am not immune from rejection! Just because you are a local artist doesn't mean everyone loves your work!

In my cancer news, I started an oral chemo today. I am hoping it is not a yucky experience. I'll keep you posted. So far, so good but it is only Day 1.
"Morning Ski", 12" x 12", pastel , © 2012 Mary McHugh

Friday, July 6, 2012

Namakagon Art and Music Fest Saturday July 7

HI everybody!
 I will have a tent tomorrow Saturday July 7 from 10- 4 at the NAM Fest, located behind the Sawmill Saloon and Mooselips Java Joint in Seeley Wisconsin. The weather is supposed to be nice so come on out and visit! There will be live music too.  Here are three new paintings I just finished. I have also included a schedule for tomorrow below.

"Cut Across Road"
pastel, 21 x 16, ©2012, Mary McHugh

"I'll Take You There"
pastel, 7 x 7, ©2012, Mary McHugh

"Black Eyed Susans"
7 x 7, pastel, © 2012, Mary McHugh

Tomorrow's schedule:
10:30 to noon Jason Rabuck Self-accompanied on guitar and harmonica; serving up a tangy blend of rock, blues, and originals.  
12:30 to 2:30 Take 3 - The trio of Kevin McMullin (fiddle, guitar, voice), Lisa McGinley (bass, bodran, whistle, voice), and Tom Draughon (guitars, banjo, fiddle voice.) Playing traditional folk, celtic, bluegrass, and original music.   
3:00 to 5:00 The "New" Namakagon String Band The trio of Jason Rabuck, Eric Schubring, and Bruce Qualey. Three part harmony, upright bass, guitars, banjo, and harmonica.  Innovative interpretations of traditional, rock, folk, blues, and original music.
Fine Art Booths representing jewelry, pottery, carving, painting, fiber art, etc.
Poetry Jam poetry competition for all ages. Pick up your words at noon, write until 1 pm and the read for the judges.  Winners announced at 2:30.
Kid's Art Tent, hosted by Jackie Olson, an elementary art teacher providing opportunities for kids of all ages.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yes it is a beauty outside!

I forgot to post my itty bitty paintings for Firefly. These are called Art from the Heart and are in the May- June show at Firefly, as well as five others of mine.
Miriam’s Old Garden 
painting  5" x 7 "pastel, © 2012 Mary McHugh

painting  5" x 7 "pastel, © 2012 Mary McHugh

Arboretum Garden 
painting  5" x 7 "pastel, © 2012 Mary McHugh

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Having the best June weather ever!

'Drummond Creek' 16.5 x 12, pastel , Mary McHugh ©2012 

'Colorful Shoreline' (Delta Lodge), 11 x 18, Mary McHugh  © 2012

'Tansies', 7 x 7, Mary McHugh  © 2012
Hi everybody! I have been enjoying the weather here in June. Usually is it kind of cold and nasty and I like to leave town, but we are enjoying some really nice weather. I finished up three paintings and took some pictures under the hot sunny sky and cool shade today. I think the shady ones look better but am posting the sunny ones.  I am feeling pretty good and hope to paint more this summer! 30 minutes at a time! Sending you all the best! Mary

Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 2012
Enjoying a little Easter weekend at home. Also visited colleges with J and saw the McHugh side of the family in the Twin Cities on Thursday and Friday.
I have been working on some paintings and here are a few.
"Just Around the Bend", pastel, 16 x 20, Mary McHugh ©2012

"Campsite", pastel, 21.5 x 16, Mary McHugh© 2012

"Kayakers Taking a Break", pastel, 12 x 24, Mary McHugh©2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Slowly but surely it'll get finished

                In the Shade of the Pines, pastel, 18 x 11, ©Mary McHugh 2012

HI everybody,
I am getting the itch to paint again and finished this painting today. It took over a period of four months to complete!  This is a view from the north end of Price Lake near Cable, WI. I am feeling pretty good, and have kept busy this winter with surgery, working, and ski team stuff, but not much actual skiing. Today was a beautiful day so I went skiing briefly and hope to get out again.
I also started a new painting so I thought I'd show you below what my paintings look like when they are in their early stages. This is pastel on uart paper with a turpenoid wash.